Ghirardelli Chocolate Making Process

Chocolates tempt the heart, satitate the taste buds, and soothe the mind. They are    undoubtedly a shot of happiness.

Recently, I visited Ghirardelli square in San Francisco. At the Ghirardelli chocolate shop, they offer a variety of savory chocolate dishes, ice creams, and beverages. The hot chocolate is a must-have. It feels as if someone has melted a bar of chocolate and poured it in a mug.

They have set up a miniature chocolate factory as a representation of the chocolate making process.

1) Cocoa Bean Roasters

The outer shell of the bean is removed leaving behind the inside which is called a nib. These nibs are then roasted, thus developing their unique chocolate flavor

2) Chocolate Mills 

In three tiered mills, a combination of grinding and frictional heat melt the cocoa nibs into a liquid called chocolate liquor or unsweetened chocolate.

3) Melanger

Granite rollers then mix the chocolate liquor with selected ingredients – whole milk powder, sugar, vanilla, cocoa butter and additional flavors

4) Conche 

Conching is the final step in the chocolate making process. It smoothes and aerates the chocolate developing its flavor and texture. The chocolate is then tempered and deposited into various size models

After the chocolate cools down in the moulds, it is packaged in attractive wrappers, ready to sit on the shelves of confectionary stores.


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