Creative Gift Ideas #1

I love to witness the pleasure in the eyes of my dear ones when I gift them something. Over years, during my college and my job, I had accumulated some great ideas. The gifts that I gave to my friends and family were creative and were highly appreciated. Sometimes it is satisfactory to make someone happy on their birthday or on other special occasions.  I would love to share my ideas in this short series of posts

A Soap with a Message


This can be thoughtful and different gift because no one can expect a customized soap.

  1. To create this, take a transparent glycerine soap ( I took Pears soap and carefully removed the word pears from it, but you can buy a clear soap)
  2. Take a clear plastic sheet – the ones used for lamination or something that resembles the thickness of your phone’s screen guard.
  3. Cut a small strip of this sheet, smaller than the size of the soap.
  4. Use a permanent marker to write your message
  5. Take a sharp paper cutter and cut a deep slid on one side of soap, as shown below. Do not attempt this with a knife, as knife will make the soap rough and it will loose its transparency.


6.  Slid your sheet inside this slit. The message will show because of the transparency of the soap. Make sure that the slit is deep enough for the message. The sheet that you had cut initially should be rectangular so that it can easily slide through the soap.

7. You are ready with a surprise.

Adding name of the person to your message enhances the appeal of the gift

Hope you liked it !




  1. Whoaaa…. I am lucky today! I was looking for something special to gift to my mum on her birthday. This gift is gonna work out well. Thank you so much for sharing the awesome idea. You’re really creative! 🙂

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