10 Amazing Places in New York

New York is truly a city of dreams – with its skyscrapers telling you to look upwards and touch the sky. It is a pinnacle of fashion, a confluence of cultures and a treasury of art. The buildings in New York are living symbols of creativity and skill – each unique in its itself and embellished with extraordinary design. For a visitor, this city has a lot to offer. If you are visiting New York, you won’t be able to cover every tourist spot. Hence, below are ten must-visit places in New York that should be embedded in your itinerary.

  1. Statue of Liberty 
    This is a world famous sculpture situated at Liberty Island, and you need to take a Ferry to reach there. You can take tickets of ground, pedestal or the crown. The sculpture is huge and is surrounded by water, which makes this place alluring. The Ferry ride adds to the amusement.


2. Empire State Building 

It is the tallest building in New York and provides panoramic views of the entire city. At night, the city appears as if  bejeweled with sparkling gems. You can go to either 86th floor or 102nd floor. It is preferable to visit 86th floor because it is an outdoor observatory. Along with the breathtaking views, you can enjoy the weather at that height too.


3. Madam Tussauds

It is a famous wax museum showcasing top celebrities, and they look so real. The celebrities are from all areas – Hollywood, Bollywood, Musicians, artists, politicians, historical leaders, sports personalities, TV artists. You can get your photos clicked with your favorite stars. It is an awesome experience and of course, you will witness great artistic skill. Each one is a masterpiece created with great precision


4. Times Square

This is a spot where everyone who is visiting New York will definitely post a check-in on Facebook. It is a lively place with a cheerful crowd. It has numerous stores, shopping centers,  and awesome restaurants. You can also spot some people performing road shows in designated areas. There are Red stairs at the times square. Just sit there, relax and enjoy the maddening crowd and the fast pace of the city around you. This place is busy even during the night hours. Here, you will feel as if this city never sleeps.


5. Central Park 

Amidst the concrete jungle, you will find a place that will take you close to nature. Amidst the fast pace city, here the time just stops to let you relax. Amidst the ambitious faces, running after their career with no time to spare, you will find people who are calmly meditating. Yes, this heaven is called central park. When you visit this place, you really feel refreshed. The reason is the drastic change in the life outside and inside the park. This place is huge and too tough to cover on foot. There are some water bodies also that offer boating.



6. Brooklyn Bridge

This is an architectural masterpiece. You can walk across the bridge. There is a separate area designated for bikes and pedestrians. But be prepared to walk and wear flats, as to get on the bridge, you will have to walk a significant distance.


7. Manhattan Skyline

If you walk down the Brooklyn Bridge on the side of Brooklyn, then you can witness Manhattan Skyline. It looks wonderful in the evening.


The picture above is taken beneath the Brooklyn Bridge, and the Manhattan skyline is visible across the river. There is a park where you can sit and relax.

8. American Museum of Natural History 

I am not a great fan of Museums, but this is a must-visit place. If you are indifferent to History, science or culture, this place will instigate curiosity in you. This Museum is huge and cannot be covered in a day. It is called Museum of history, but it has everything – Animals, Dinosaurs Fossils, Real Meteorites, Expensive Gems, Minerals, Cultural artifacts and almost everything that you can imagine.


9. Broadway Show 

If you are interested in Musical shows, then you must experience a broadway show. It takes you to a captivating world of Art and music. The shows are around 2 hours each (on an average) and cost around 100 dollars. Hence, it is an expensive affair but a good experience.

10. Rockefeller Center

It is a place for Shopping and dining, and also has an observation deck. You can plan to visit empire state building at night and Rockefeller center observation deck in the day. This place is a famous attraction during Christmas because of the Christmas Tree which is shown in most movies.



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