The Teacher I never met again 

This post is inspired by the indiblogger topic – ‘The teacher you wish to meet again’

When I read this topic , the one person that came to my mind is my physics teacher – Siddhartha Sir.

Although all my teachers played an important role in my life and my success is attributed to their efforts but I can meet them all, I can contact them on social media and most of my teachers are my facebook friends. But there is one person who is missing.

He was not my school teacher but was running an IIT prep academy – Sidhartha academy in my city. he taught physics and his teaching style was amazing. He was able to clear every concept. I fell in love with physics, just because of him and I remember the concepts even today. He was a strict teacher and inculcated discipline for competitive examinations. He motivated us to study.

In short, he is a major reason behind my success at competitive examinations.

After my competitive exams, he left the academy and my city. I could not even get a chance to thank him. I tried searching him on social media but was unable to find him. Sidhartha is a common name and can be spelled as – Sidharth, Sidhartha, Siddhartha,Siddarth etc . I am not sure what exactly is he using, and I don’t know his surname. I never thought that it is a crucial information to know and I would need it in future.

I hope he is doing great in his career, and shaping the future of many students, just like me.

# Dedicated to the great time spent in Siddhartha Academy, years ago


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