Create your own designer mug

This a a simple method that I have recently learnt. You can create an awesome mug in a few minutes. It does not take much effort.

Required : A mug, some water in a bowl and nail paints


1) Take a bowl and fill it with water 

2) Pour any Nail paint color on water. The first color will spread out on water and will create a thin layer

3) Take the second nail paint and pour it too. You can pour it in any random pattern and you can use as many colors as you want.

4) All the colors will appear as a thin layer on water . Take a coffee mug and dip it in the bowl. The film of paint will stick to the mug, pull the mug out carefully.

5) Let it dry for sometime

You can use different colours and can pour the color in desired pattern to create different designs, or simply pour the color unmindfully and it will spread itself
I tried yellow as my first color, it spread over the entire bowl. Then on one corner, I poured pink and on other corner blue. This made the mug look different from both sides as shown below. 

Below are the different designs created using the same colors, by just changing the order 

This entire activity takes less than five minutes and can become an amazing handmade gift for your loved ones



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