Diverse Faces in Corporate

If you are a professional working in a corporate and strive hard for appraisals, recognition, and opportunities, you will easily relate to this post. In the competitive professional world, different people have different behavioral attributes, but most of the people can be categorized based on some similarities. Below are a few faces that you will see at work every day. This list covers most of the people around you, although there will be many exceptions.

  1. The Silent Spectator 

This person comes to the office because it is his job. He is not very hardworking and will not be competitive at all. He will not show any enthusiasm to grab opportunities or take additional work. He will do only as much as he is told to do. He is generally unmoved by appraisals or promotions and does not have high expectations out of his job.The good thing about him is that he will never overburden himself with work and has sufficient time for his family.

2. The Hardworking Slog

He is extremely dedicated towards his work and is hardworking. He obeys his boss and remains overburdened with work. He is generally not rewarded for his efforts and he never demands anything. You will rarely find him fighting for his appraisal or promotion. He believes that he should be rewarded without him demanding for it, unaware of the fact that it is his right to demand a fair compensation. He accepts his situation the way it is. He even avoids switching his job, assuming that office politics remain the same everywhere.

3. The Exaggerator

He is always boasting about his work and knowledge. He has a great skill of expression and uses it as his sole weapon to succeed. He might do little work but will show it as a great effort by staying verbal about it. He can easily impress his boss and is generally the one who talks the most in meetings. He often gets special favors from the boss because his lies are believed, but he fails miserably if he is actually tested on his work.

4. The Secretive

He wants to be privy to all the information and loves to elicit facts from everyone. But when it comes to sharing, he is extremely reluctant. He doesn’t even like sharing his knowledge with the teammates and is extremely secretive about his work. He behaves as if the boss shares critical issues with him (no one knows whether that actually happens)  but this gives him a sense of power and an important position in the team.

5. The Workaholic 

He is always engrossed in his work and is the best at what he does. He is the go-to person for every work related doubt. His work gives him pleasure and that is the only thing that drives him. He is unaware of the world around him and his accomplishments at work are unparalleled. He is generally not social, although there can be exceptions.

6. Gossip Mongrel 

This is a common characteristic found in most people. To some extent, everyone likes gossip but a few are over-enthusiastic about gossips. These are called gossip mongrels. A person is a gossip mongrel if he acts as a central hub for gossip transmission. He collects information from everyone and transmits it to everyone else. Every gossip will definitely route through him. To test whether someone is a gossip mongrel, pass him an incorrect info and see how it travels back to you from others.

7. The Credit Hungry 

He is always looking to grab credit for each and everything that he does. In a collaborative team effort, he would try to highlight his efforts to get maximum credit. He is very competitive and dislikes the success of others. He is unnecessarily consumed by jealousy, which hinders his ability to work effectively in a team.

8. The Evidence Collector

He loves to document each and every conversation for future evidence. He is the person who has the habit of copying his boss and other relevant people in every email (even when it is not required). He even wants appreciation over email so that it becomes a written evidence. I have never understood what contingencies are to be met using these pieces of evidence. He would even congratulate someone for his promotion over email, copying his boss in CC (as an evidence that he congratulated his teammate)

9. The Smart worker 

He is the ideal face in a corporate. He is a leader in the real sense. He is passionate about his work and collaborates with others. He likes sharing ideas and having constructive discussions. His focus is his learning and growth. He is very clear about his expectations and clearly puts his demands forward to his boss. He believes in getting what he deserves and has the caliber of carving his path. If he is not satisfied, he would quit his job without any hesitation. He is often fearless and relies solely on his talent.



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