5 Ingredients for a happy life 

Happiness is not an absolute term. It cannot be defined perfectly and there is no measure to determine whether a person is happy or not. Every person has his own definition and his own means to attain happiness.  For someone success is happiness while for another spending time with family is happiness. But if we put  together all the ingredients required for happiness, the following points will summarize them

If a person tries to incorporate these in his daily life, he would be in a happier and more fulfilled state.

1) Professional Excellence 

Most people do not work just for their paycheck, there is something more to it that drives them.  They seek learning, growth and personal development. If you are appreciated for good work and are respected, you feel content. Professional excellence can provide you mental satisfaction, confidence and a goal to seek in life. Having a goal in life and working for it, is pleasure. But excellence comes only if we work for it , update our knowledge regularly and learn from others.

2) Understanding relationships

Work alone cannot give you happiness, you need people. Friends, family, coworkers become an integral part of your life. Healthy relationships are i dispensible for a healthy mind. Be it your parents, your lover or a close friend , a relationship needs effort to keep it alive. You need to carve some time out of your busy schedule for your loved ones. Fights are common in all relationships, even the bestest of friends fight often. What keeps them going is that they forgive each othet, keeping their ego aside.

Cultivating healthy relationships and having ‘real’ people in your life who love you is a secret to happiness

3) Fitness

We admire 5 minute exercise videos popping up on our facebook wall, love reading fitness tips and healthy diet habits. But in reality how much do we actually implement? Most of us pay a hefty amount at the gym and then succumb to our laziness. Our hectic schedule often makes us skip our meals, and we mostly survive on junk food.

It requires huge effort to develop fitness habits but once you develop them, you will realize that there is no pleasure beyond a healthy lifestyle.

Personally, This one point is the toughest challenge in my life. I try hard but score low on this happiness parameter. Still trying !

4) Empty your mind

Our mind is full of thoughts and worries all the time. If we dedicate at least ten minutes a day just to stay calm, it will do wonders. The purpose is to make your mind relax, though forcefully. Some people meditate to feel at peace and obstruct the flow of thoughts. You can have a quiet peaceful walk, breathing the fresh air or just sit in your room calmly without thinking anything. This will give your mind some peace, and peace is a key ingredient for contentment and happiness

5) Indulge in a hobby 

There is always something or the other that we like to do but we seem too busy. We spend all our time at work, doing daily chores, attending to our responsibilities and running after life. In this maddening race, we forget that we have a little heart that wants to explore things. If you loved playing guitar in college but have left it now, your heart definitely craves for it but you ignore the little voice. Most of us have a long lost hobby. If you try to revive it, you will definitely find great pleasure. If you dont have a hobby, find one. Indulgence in a hobby gives you some personal time, all for yourself.

Following these 5 ways, will definitely give you happiness. I have implemented these in my life to some extent and the work is still in progress. Believe me, they can do wonders.

Give it a try and Let me know if  they worked for you too.



  1. I have to agree with this list, they really are the ingredients for acheiving happiness. Although I feel I fulfill some of these on a daily basis, there are a couple that I still to work on such as over thinking or worrying to much about a million things all at once.

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