Lehenga Shopping at Chandni Chowk

The Wedding day is a day when the bride deserves to look fabulous. Finding a perfect lehenga is not an easy job. If you are planning to visit Chandni Chowk, keep in mind that it is a great place but only if you know the right shops to visit. If you are going there without any research, you will be lost.

If you are looking for a beautiful lehenga at a genuine  price, this post will help you. If you are looking for an expensive designer lehenga, then it may not be a beneficial post for you.

Chandni Chowk is a crowded place and the moment you utter the word ‘Lehenga’ – you will be surrounded by vendors and touts who will follow you relentlessly and will urge you to visit their shop. Please keep in mind that accompanying them to their shop is not a good idea. These shops are not reliable and often offer low -quality products. I had read a blog where the girl had encountered a fraudulent vendor. So, it is better to be cautious when you are spending a hefty amount. Also, there are many duplicate shops who have copied the famous store names. eg:  Om Prakash is a famous shop and you will find many other shops with the same name. It is difficult to tell which one is  genuine unless you have the exact address. Hence, it is imperative to carry a list of famous shops along with their address. This will save you from hassles. If you want to ask for the address of a shop, do not ask a vendor on the road. They might direct you to the duplicate shop. Instead, ask from someone who is not a competitor – a jewelry shop, an eating outlet, a book store etc. They will not misguide you.

When you enter Chandni Chowk, there is a main road called Nayi Sadak. You will see multiple lehenga shops here. The entire road is full of shops and you will be tired browsing each of them. But the tricky part is that the real good and famous shops are actually hidden in small tributaries –  narrow roads each of them starting with the word katra ( Katra Ashrafi, Katra Hardyal etc) . Many people browse on the Nayi Sadak, choose their lehenga assuming that these are the only options available, and return. I also visited multiple shops and was tired. They do not have enough variety and the quality of lehengas at these shops is pretty low. If you are an expert at gauging the quality, you will understand the moment you will look at the stuff.  There was only one shop on this road with good quality products – Chetan Sarees but the variety on this shop was not satisfactory.

After browsing on Nayi sadak and wasting my time and energy, I opened the list that I had prepared after reading blogs and reviews. I maneuvered my path to each of these shops and they were worth trying.

I am listing the shops that I visited. Each of these shops has a huge variety and the products are of high quality. The shopkeeper will ask your budget and will show the lehengas only in that price range. You can find a lehenga starting from Rs 20,000 to  10 lakh. I had quoted a range of Rs 20,000 to Rs 40,000.  This is actually a starting range for a lehenga. I do not like unnecessary spending on weddings. I personally find that wasteful. But I wanted to look beautiful too. So, I  was searching for a beautiful, good quality lehenga at a genuine price. This was a tough task.If you are looking for a heavy lehenga and want to spend more,  you will find better variety.

  1. Sudhir Bhai Saree Wala 
Address: 485, Katra Asharfi, Chandni Chowk, New Delhi, Delhi 110006, India
Phone:+91 11 2326 9347

My friend had recommended this shop. She had purchased her lehenga from here. They had customized the lehenga for her. When I visited this shop,  I was already tired of browsing at Nayi Sadak, all those shops had shown me low-quality products at rocket high prices. This was a good shop and I assumed that it would be expensive and I will have to increase my budget to get good quality stuff. To my surprise, they had many beautiful and good quality lehengas within my price range. I wish I had not wasted my time at the other shops. I tried the ones I liked and finally selected one. I wanted to browse similar shops before purchasing.

2. Om Prakash Jawahar Lal 

Address : 354, Naya Katra, 1st Floor, Chandni Chowk, New Delhi, Delhi 110006, India
Phone: +91 11 2327 3312
This is the most famous shop at Chandni Chowk. It was rated no. 1 in most of the blogs. Hence, I visited this shop with high hopes. I had expected a better variety than my previous browsing. I had a hard time searching for this shop, when I sat comfortably inside and they appointed a person to attend to me, I was disappointed that their lehengas start with Rs 60,000. I had wasted my precious time due to my ignorance of their starting range. While returning, there was a guy standing at the entrance who tried to humiliate me at my budget selection ” Kya hua madam, Mehenga laga? Aana hi nahi tha phir yahan” and he started laughing . That was rude and I felt irritated at his behavior. I did not have time to argue with him and moved out without any response. People will make you feel that having a low budget is a crime. You will find shopkeepers who will try to convince you that wedding is a special event and you must spend as much as you can. And here I met a man, who tried to humiliate me. These things did not affect me because I was decisive, make sure that you are clear on what you want.

3. Asiana Couture 

Address: 655, Katra Hardayal, Nai Sadak,Chandni Chowk, New Delhi

Phone:  011-45794896,45721443

Their Lehengas start with Rs 70,000 and you might need a prior appointment. I have read good reviews about them. I was not aware of the starting range and visited this shop. They are very professional and well mannered. They politely and respectfully refused to cater to my price range.

4. Kamal Bhai Saree Sangam 

Address: 291, Katra Pyarelal Gali, Chandni Chowk, New Delhi
Phone:  +91 97117 41234
I was tired of my browsing and did not have high hopes of finding a good lehenga. I knew that I would have to buy the one I liked at Sudhir bhai or would have to increase my budget. Kamal Bhai was another shop on my list and I gave it a try.
This was an amazing shop with an extraordinary variety. They showed me more lehengas than I had seen in the entire day. Till now, I did not like the lehengas much at any of the shops. Here, I loved almost all of them. I shortlisted 8 lehengas to try. I had a hard time searching for a lehenga because I do not prefer excessive bling and a classy beautiful lehenga is rare. Wedding clothes are synonymous to bling. But this shop had lehengas to suit all choices. They had classy  lehengas, heavy designer lehengas, lehengas with bling, lehengas with light embroidery and all this within my price range. At a higher price range, I am sure they would have amazing stuff.  The best thing about this shop was that they had patience. I tried some of the lehengas twice while shortlisting . At the end, I had two choices. An elegant lehenga for just Rs 23,000 . It was embroidered all over with a dull golden and had an orange tint. Another one was for Rs 35000. It had some bling but was stunning.  I chose the latter. I did some bargaining quoting their competitor and they gave me a discount and the final price for me was lower than Rs 30,000. I was overjoyed at this deal.
In the trial Room


I particularly liked the pink embroidery at the bottom.


If you are looking for a gorgeous lehenga at a genuine price, visit Sudhir bhai or Kamal bhai. I loved Kamal bhai saree sangam because of their variety, patience, and good customer service.

A few additional tips

  •  They do not allow taking a photograph, hence make sure that you have the decision makers with you- your family, friends etc
  • Every shop will take at least one month to prepare your lehenga. So, make sure you have sufficient time
  • You may have issues with mobile network  at Chandni chowk and you will not be able to access the internet. Make sure that you have the address list already with you
  • There is  price variation and scope of bargaining. It is possible that they sell the same lehenga for 40,000 to one customer and 60,000 to the other as there are no price tags on them. So, be wise in quoting a range.

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