Creative Gift ideas for Men

Whether he is the love of your life, your brother or a dear friend, it is tough to choose an ideal gift. In the case of girls, there is a myriad of options available but the moment you have to purchase a gift for a boy, the options shrink immediately.

To make things easier, I have listed down a few options. The choice of your gift will depend on the personality and liking of the guy- whether he is a gadget freak, an art lover or a brand conscious person. Some guys love inexpensive but meaningful gifts that express your love for them.

The choice of your gift will also depend on your budget. A college going girl will be content with gifting a Fastrack watch while a high salaried employee will love to gift an expensive Tissot. But remember that the price of the gift has little value compared to your underlying feelings. Hence, every gift will be dearly appreciated by your loved one.

Budget Gifts – yet impressive 

These are regular gifts that can make anyone happy. If personalized, they are more impressive


• Wallet

• Greeting Card

• Personalized Gifts – with photo or name engraved on the gift ( Keychains, pens, photo calendar, notebooks, Mugs, personalized newspaper, magazine cover, diaries, cushions, glasses)

• Clothing – Shirt, Tie, Shoes

Hobby Gifts 

Based on the particular interests or hobby, these gifts can be apt for your loved one. They might be expensive, but you can choose a brand based on your budget

• Camera – digital or DSLR

• Guitar or other musical instruments

• Gym kit – Weights, Dumbbells, exercise accessories

• Playstation ( For the gaming freaks)

• Sports Equipment

For the gadget freaks 

Almost all boys love gadgets. There are a variety of creative devices available online, and they are not very expensive. Below is a list of some creative options 

• Designer Pen Drives in the shape of Beer Bottle, Gun, Robot, Superhero, Car, etc

• USB fridge or USB tea warmer – this gets attached to the laptop USB and is a great gadget while working

• Bar Accessories – Bottle openers, shot glasses, drinking  games – ludo, dart, roulette, etc

• Fitness Tracking wearables

• Finger mouse – A little mouse that can be strapped to the finger

• Mobile Accessories – Mobile Holder, Wire Manager, travel charger, power bank

• Object Locator – This can be an apt gift for those who tend to lose remote, keys, wallet, etc within the house and then go crazy searching them

Expressive Gifts 

Some gifts can highlight your associated feelings and love. It is the time and effort that you spend in creating those gifts, or the thoughtfulness and underlying message that can win his heart. 

Handmade gifts- Apart from greeting cards, there are many gifts that you can easily make. These gifts can contain your special message. These require time and effort but will surely touch the heart. I will write another post on handmade gifts soon.

• Customized Cakes

Cake cutting sessions can be made interesting if the cake is something that the person can relate to. You can put your thoughts and find a theme that is close to his heart. Many bakeries can create customized cakes. Find a good bakery and give them your design at least a day in advance. Below are some ideas

• sports pitch – basketball, cricket ground on the cake

• Sports equipment – shape of hockey, football, cricket bat, etc

• Beer shaped cake

• Camera-shaped cake

• Guitar on cake

• Poker table

Expensive Gifts 


• Fitbit

• Popular Apple Products – Apple Watch, iPad, Macbook

• Phone, music player, laptop from other brands

• Expensive liquor

• Bose earphones/ speakers

• Expensive sound machine

• Caricature – replicating the face of the person

• Golf set with Golf Membership


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