If I was Benjamin Button? 

The curious case of Benjamin Button is a story where a person lives his life in reverse order. He was an adult at birth and by the end of his life, he becomes a child.

What if this happens to people of today’s world?  I think they would live more freely and happily than they do now.
When we are kids, we always dream of growing up and doing something great in life. when we are old enough, we want to go back to childhood. If we ever knew growing up is so boring, we would have lived to our fullest as kids.

Coming back to the point, If I had the unnatural powers / gift of benjamin button to live reverse life , I would have been the happiest.

I would work hard initially to earn enough to live my childhood in peace. Whether you want or not but as a human in this materialistic world , there are so many bad traits that you develop – dishonesty, jealousy, competition, materialism, betrayal. A child is innocent and intouched by these malices. I would have got freedom from all these.

I would have enjoyed each of day to the fullest. We study hard to earn money in future. I would not have to struggle for that and could spend all my time playing games, painting, reading and cultivating good hobbies. some of my expensive desires like living in disneyland could also be taken care of. And I would have valued friends more than ever, because they are indispensible and would never have said ‘Katti’ to anyone.
#inspired by indispire


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