The first strand of gray hair ….

It was a normal boring weekend and I was lazy to cook food. I wanted to spend my entire evening reading a book when my friends dropped in. I rejoiced at the idea of ordering a Pizza. I get allured by the creamy sumptuous layer encapsulated in a cheese burst pizza. After devouring my pizza, i was happy and satiated. Feeling contented with the gossip going around, I got up to wash my hands. Like every girl, i have a habit of looking in the mirror a trillion times. While I was trying to manage my messy hair, I noticed something that shocked me – A strand of gray hair, right in the middle of my hairline. It was quite noticeable. How was this possible? I have not even touched my thirties. This strand will tarnish my image of a pretty charming girl. People will not like me anymore. They will consider me old. I am not even married. How will I get a handsome man in my life?  There will be more such strands mushrooming over time. I will have to apply some artificial dye on my hair. I will not seem as attractive as I am now. These thoughts made me depressed and I was almost in tears. I tried to be optimistic, thinking that the strand is symbolic of wisdom, but it did no good. I wiped my eyes, combed my hair and at that very moment, I realized that the comb healed the white strand. It was pizza cheese that got coated on a strand while I was meddling with my hair. I laughed at my own stupidity and was equally thrilled that it was not a real gray strand.


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