5 mistakes a wedding make up artist can do!

Wedding is a special day for every bride and it is a tedious task to find a good makeup artist. Makeup artists can charge from Rs 15000 to 50000 depending on their popularity. Even after selecting a famous artist and paying a hefty amount, makeup disasters can happen. There is an anxiety in every bride about the makeup, it has to be perfect. You can avoid makeup disasters by keeping a few things in mind. Make sure your makeup artist is not rigid, generally famous renowned artists are not flexible about your suggestions or preferences. Also, some artists are experienced for ramp models makeup, they do not understand that an Indian bride look is different. So, always view the makeup pictures and understand the style of the artist before you choose. Some artists are experienced in dramatic look while others are popular for a subtle look.  Once you choose an artist ,  that doesn’t mean that your job is done. you have to make sure that they avoid the following mistakes on your wedding day

1) Red eye makeup

Every person has their preference – you can have subtle eye makeup, a smoky look or a more dramatic look , everything looks nice. The mistake that makeup artists do is giving a red eye shadow and covering the whole eyelid with this. Most of the brides wear red lehenga, that doesn’t mean the eye shadow should match. There can be a tint of red but red cannot be the base color. The eye makeup should have a light base and after that the artist can play with colors. Using a golden or glittery shade looks really pretty in photographs. Even a smokey eye look goes well with the bridal lehenga but covering the entire eye with red is a complete disaster. My friend got ready from lakme and they did this disaster, so even good salons can do this . To prevent this from happening, clearly tell your artist about your preference before your makeup starts because eye makeup is a major part to enhance the look
2) Maroon lip shade 

Most of the artists use maroon lip color even with a red lehenga. Maroon color does not go well with the vibrant colors of the lehenga and gives a matured look. I really do not understand the fascination of artists with this color. They give heavy eye makeup amd hence the lip shade should be subtle, but maroon is not subtle in my opinion, it is old fashioned. I definitely cannot generalize this but it is best to try a red color and a maroon color on your face and see what works best for you. Do not blindly follow the make up artist . you are the best judge for yourself

3) Fairer tone

Indians have a fascination to look fair and makeup artists understand this. They will cover your face with a lighter tone foundation which is perfectly okay but the disaster happens when they turn you many tones fairer than you actually are. Resultantly the face looks fair and the arms and neck look darker. Make sure to cover the entire exposed skin with that tone if you are planning to look fairer . one of my friends has a dark complexion and instead of using a few tones lighter shade, the artist used a completely fair product which made her unrecognizable. Of course, you cannot turn white in a day , that is not you but a completely different person. I think the artists have a very few skin tones with them and they use the same fair tone on everyone. Makeup is about feeling good. So, make sure that you look beautiful instead of just looking fair. Discuss your skin tone with the artist at the time of trial and make sure he has those products

4) Excessive Contouring 

Contouring can enhance your facial features but excessive contouring can ruin it completely. Makeup artists use a darker shade of brown to contour the face but if the brown is too dark  for your skin tone, your face will look dull and sullen and the contouring will stand out sharply. The reason why this happens is because artists do not carry all shades of contour, they have some standard color. Make sure during your trial that the correct product is available

5) Patchy undereye area

Makeup can do wonders to your look and one major component is covering the dark circles/ undereye area . The moment you cover that area even in your daily routine makeup, you will start looking gorgeous. During bridal makeup , artist use many products on your skin and in fact multiple layers so that the makeup can stay longer. The undereye area is dry compared to the rest of the skin, and after a while, the makeup can get patchy. My makeup artist told this to me after my makeup was done and I couldn’t do anything about it at that time. But make sure that you apply moisturizer beneath the eyes before your makeup starts.



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