5 Disadvantages of moving to App-only model

Many companies are moving to the app only model these days. They find a benefit in such movement but there are some major factors that they simply ignore.

Movement of Myntra to app-only

Myntra must have evaluated their customer base and decided to discontinue their website.But this decision can backfire.

It is true that people prefer using mobile applications because they are convenient but it is not necessary that they prefer shopping using these applications. Below are a few  reasons why moving to app only model is not a wise decision by companies

  1. Many customers prefer browsing websites on their computers. The view on a laptop screen is wider and accommodates multiple products at a single glance. In a mobile app, you need to scroll more to view the same number of products
  2. Using website is convenient because one can open multiple tabs and can put shortlisted products side by side to finalize at a later stage. However, apps do not have that feature. The only comparison possible is after you put all the products on cart and then scroll up and down
  3. While doing work, Many people open online shopping websites.  Whenever they need some break from work, they browse the websites. It is very likely that they place an order too.  This increases the probability of  sales. However, a person will open an app when they are actually looking for something to buy.
  4. Online shopping is a habit that customers are developing. Using application for shopping is yet another layer of habit that needs to be developed. Not everyone is comfortable with a mobile app or not habitual with it. Hence, the customer base is restricted to only those who prefer shopping on an app. Since this is a subset of original population, these companies are definitely losing out on customer base
  5. Whenever there is an ad for a product and you click that , it will take you to the homepage of the website and the website says – ‘We have moved to the app only’. To see that product, a person has to search it on the app. People are generally lazy to perform this exercise of searching unless they like the product very much. This leads to reduced probability of product purchase




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