Travel the World and see it everyday

For those who love to travel , collecting souvenirs becomes a hobby. They collect all kind of goodies – mugs, wall hangings, t-shirts, shot glasses etc. But these are either stored securely in the almirahs or are lost over time. A t-shirt brought from Singapore will fade with time and a mug brought from Spain will be broken . Over time, you tend to forget what all you ever bought.

What if a person wants to have all the memories compiled at a single place. The best answer to this is a fridge magnet. I always wondered what is the use of a fridge magnet – just to adorn an appliance?     But it is a great way of keeping memories in front of your eyes.

Whenever you travel next time, buy a fridge magnet of that place and put it back on your fridge. This collection will keep a record of all the places you visited and you will see it every time you approach your fridge. If you are a wanderlust and treasure memories, your fridge will bring those happy moments back in a single glance. You will be happy about all the places you visited and it will motivate you to travel more. Some people create a scrapbook to track all the places they visited  but it lies safe and secure somewhere. It is almost forgotten as it is not in front of your eyes every day.

I remember a few movies where on a huge wall the actor has a world map and tags all the places visited – looks wonderful but cannot be replicated by everyone. Fridge magnets are an easier way to accomplish this. Try buying a fridge magnet the next time you  visit a place – I am sure you will be addicted to collect more and travel more!







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