The Kid inside you

The world is so materialistic and our lives so busy

To get time for ourselves is no more that easy

For the ever increasing desires, there is no cure

Everyone tries to behave practical and mature


But somewhere inside everyone, an innocent heart resides

Which has soft feelings but it always hides


Whenever it tries to express, its voice is curbed

Inside it feels so disturbed

It cries, it screams and tells the desires till now stored

But alas! Who cares, they are blissfully ignored

The rust of busy life overpowers the tender scream

To be understood remains a distant dream


Day by day its hope withers away

Though hard it cries

But the desire slowly dies

Cheerfulness is left no more

And life becomes too sour


So wins materialism over emotions

Dominates practicality and all stupid notions


So it is the time right now

To keep a balance somehow

To achieve whatever you want to

But also understand the kid inside you


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