The Digital Writers

If you are a writer, do you remember the last time you picked up a pen to write?    Nowadays writing means – typing. Gone are the days when you carried a beautiful diary with an expensive pen and set forth to carve the pages with thoughtful words. The Handwriting was a major area of focus, to encourage others to read your work.Cutting and overwriting was avoided.

Now things have become  easy for people like me – whose handwriting was never legible enough. You need not save your work in diaries  and carry them with you. Store it on Google drive and you can access it from anywhere in the world. You can start a piece in Europe and can complete it while sipping your coffee in New york. Editing , spellcheck, looking for synonyms is easy and quick nowadays. You can even keep track of your word count without doing a manual effort to count them. I remember the competitions that had a word limit for entry submission, I had to recount my words manually to fit the limit.

But some people still love to write with a pen – it gives a wonderful mental satisfaction. The challenge for them is to transfer the work to soft copy. You will have to type it again if you want to submit your work somewhere. No one accepts a hard copy anymore. If you want to stay connected with other writers across the globe, you will have to join a blogging website and the blogs are of course digital. Hence, the transition from the traditional ways of writing to the modern digital form is necessary and indispensible.



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