For A Soldier

I wrote this poem when I was in Class 8 🙂


For them there is no festival, there is no joy in their life

And their happiness will never arrive.


They just glance at the door, in a hope

That they’ll find their love

Who is a son, a brother and a mate

And to see him, was their only fate.


He was a charming boy,

And was really a bundle of joy.

During the delightful spring,

Melodious songs he used to sing.

When his music went around,

It held the listeners spellbound.

He had a brilliant mind,

He was tranquil and his heart was kind.


But now they’ll never hear

His voice full of cheer

Now there is silence

There is no music, no glee

And they can never see

Their lovely charming boy

Because he had died.


He was in army

And was killed by the enemy.

But his family was never in despair

Rather, they were proud that their son was a martyr.

And sacrificed for his nation,

his country, his motherland – to protect it from foreign invasion

With tears in eyes they said

he was a real patriot.


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