5 Ways to handle Mood Swings

It is common for all of us to have a mood swing at some point of time. There are times when we feel sad and everything around us seems so dull and uninteresting. The mood off can be due to personal reasons, work pressure, fight with a dear friend , a breakup, poor academic results  – whatever the reason be , the feeling of a bad mood is depressing.

Generally when someone tries to cheer us up , we feel irritated. It is hard to come out of a bad mood but the truth is we ourselves do not want to come out of it. We settle into that depressing state and need a trigger to pull us out. That trigger can be a dear friend, a comforting partner or a sudden special event. Without a trigger you cannot come out. But what if you are alone and there is no one to pull you out. Can you yourself do something to feel better. It is really hard but advisable to put some effort to feel better. Below are some ways to generate that trigger yourself

  1. Do not isolate yourself – Stay in good company

It is a normal behavior to isolate ourselves from the crowd when we feel sad. But that is not the correct way to go about it. We must stay in good company. By company I mean cheerful people – not depressing people. If you are sad because of something that happened in office or you are sad because of your appraisal. You cannot do anything about it but there is no use feeling depressed. In such a situation, if you join a group of people who are talking depressing negative things about your organization – you will end up feeling more depressed. Hence, by company I mean the people who are cheerful, smiling or laughing. Even if you just listen to the conversation of someone who is happily gossiping, you will feel better. This happens because that conversation will distract you from your sad thoughts and your heart will get time to recover its mood.

2. Listen to good music

Whenever we are in a bad mood, we tend to listen to sad songs. Sad songs amplify the feelings of our aching heart and for that time , we start enjoying the state of depression. This is not a good thing to do because it delays our time to recover. We cannot get back to a normal state easily. We would not enjoy happy music in this state, but if we force ourselves to listen to at least one song with hip hop dancing beats , we will feel better. The vibrant music actually gives our mind a positive thrust of energy and that makes us feel good.

3. Indulgence

There are certain things from which we generally refrain but it gives us immense pleasure. eg: Eating a chocolate pastry, Drinking coffee, shopping etc. Doing something that gives you pleasure is a trigger that can bring you out of a bad mood. Online shopping at such times is really helpful – though it is an expensive way to come out of a bad mood. I have tried it many times and this works for me. Similarly, coffee works for me. So, you need to find that particular activity that gives you happiness. At that particular moment , it is important to return to the normal state than anything else in this world. Because you are wasting your precious moments by staying depressed.

But one must be cautious that it is not leading to Over – indulgence. Shopping out of the budget, Eating excess food / drinking can be harmful and can lead to a feeling of regret later. Hence, it is up to you to decide the limit of your indulgence.

4. Smile Forcefully

This point seems weird. How can someone smile when he is a a bad mood? That is exactly my point. If you won’t smile you will be in a bad mood for a prolonged period of time. If someone says something funny, you will never find it funny. You will never want to look at people and smile. That is an obvious thing to do. But for once, try smiling forcefully when someone says something funny. The stretching of muscles of our face have a real effect on us. After a while, the bad mood will ease out. Not bad to give it a try !

5. Physical activity 

In a bad mood, the mind needs something to calm it down. Doing any physical activity – exercise, walk , a dance etc really helps. Physical activity gives our body an adrenaline rush which provides emotional stability – and that is all we need to feel better. It is advisable to go out in the open and find a peaceful area to perform exercise. A jog in a garden is better than doing exercise in the gym. The connect with nature soothes our mind. Sometimes listening to water falling from a fountain, breathing fresh air or looking at the stars is helpful to calm down the mind and ease out our aching heart.



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