Indian Terrain – a view from the Clouds

Domestic Flight journey is more fascinating than International journey. I realized this last week. Like everyone else, I like the view outside the window. Generally after take off, one can look outside to witness an awesome work of art painted on the nature’s canvas . Shades of blue blending into each other with occasional streaks of orange and violet. White cottony puffy clouds play hide and seek with you all the time.


Once you reach a specific altitude, the clouds are beneath you. Now instead of scattered pieces of cotton, you see a white sheet spread across the entire area with a life of its own . It seems an entirely different world. When I was a kid , I liked to imagine figures of animals, faces etc in clouds. Every shape had a life of its own – one shape chasing the other.

Now from this height, I feel as if the clouds have their own mountains, valleys , a heavenly terrain just made of ethereal material. If I was a kid, I would have imagined fairies and goblins playing in those clouds and getting scared by the noise of my aircraft.


This view looks surreal and you feel amazed at the wonders of this world. But after a while, the view becomes monotonous. All you see is shades of blue and white and it gets boring after a few hours. You tend to close the window and involve yourself in a movie, a book or sleeping.

Last week I boarded a domestic flight from North India to South India. Immediately after take off, I thought of taking a short nap. There was no need to devour the outside view – the same shades of blue and white that my camera had captured. And I dozed off. After a while, when I opened my eyes , there was an amazing view beneath. I was not aware of the fact that Domestic and international flights operate at a different altitude. The terrain was visible beneath , all through the journey and I wasted my time in sleeping.  Our India  is beautiful and has a varied terrain – mountains, valleys , rivers. I could see shades of green , brown , yellow .  There was a wonderful rocky terrain beneath me.


At the basins of the rocky structures, I could figure out the presence of human settlements. They looked beautiful. Along the way, I could see green square patches which looked like a green chess board. There was a river network. I was not sure where exactly I was, and which river network it was. But it looked heavenly.


The entire river stream gleamed beautifully due to sunlight. It felt like a glittering gold ornament adorning the face of mother earth.





I could see small water bodies beautifully scattered – each one gleamed with the splash of sunlight over them. After a while , clouds came to play their part. They wanted equal importance in this game of beauty and appreciation. The clouds interleaved with water bodies created a confusion for me. They all looked so similar. But dear sunlight was there to sort it out for me. Water bodies gleamed brightly to differentiate themselves and stand out from the crowd.


I enjoyed the view to the fullest. I wondered where exactly I was , which river system it was and technology had answers to my question .I was flying over Madhya Pradesh and the beautiful river system was Tapi



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