Do You have anything “Vegetarian” ?

Singapore is a heaven for the food lovers. It is a destination to satisfy your gourmet pursuits. The food options range from elaborate meals at fine dining restaurants to roadside local delicacies. Talking of cuisines, you can get anything you can think about – Japanese, Thai , Chinese, Mexican, Asian, Malaysian.

Amidst these gratifying delicacies, life of a vegetarian is not that easy. I am a vegetarian and whenever I am allured by these cuisines, I feel disappointed by the scarcity of vegetarian options. The eating joints highlight their specialties as fish and chicken. It sounds really funny when I approach such a shop and ask ” Do you have anything Vegetarian? ”  . The shopkeeper generally asks me again “Vegetarian?” . At the back of his mind, he must be thinking  – “Are u kidding. Do you see a display of vegetarian food here”.

All I want to do is to try different cuisines, the flavors and the spices that make the dish unique. I am lucky at a few places where they have at least one vegetarian dish.

There are a lot of Indian options available like Dosa, chana bhatura, veg thali etc. Vegetarian is a synonym of Indian cuisine here. But there is no thrill in eating what you eat everyday back home. So, in the pursuit of experimentation, I keep asking the same question again and again at various places ignoring the weird looks I get in response. The fun is in trying new things !!!!


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