Tanu weds Manu Returns ……… could it be different?

I really liked the movie “Tanu weds Manu returns” . It is a nice movie full of comedy and masala. Kangna’s acting is superb as always. The movie is perfect and got brilliant reviews. I was talking to my sister today about it when I realized that the ending to the movie was not perfect. There could be a different message that the movie could have given.

Tanu loved Raja Awasthi but fell in love with Manu also and finally married Manu in the first movie. In the very beginning of the sequel she reveals her love for Raja and regrets her marriage with Manu. They were not having a good relationship, apparently the so called love had died down. Their monotonous lifestyle had weighed down the passion they had for each other. Their lack of understanding for each other landed them to the mental asylum, else they would have solved their troubles at home.

The girl leaves her husband and goes back to her hometown , where not for a single day she missed her husband. She enjoyed her life blissfully with Raja and a new guy chintu. She had not missed any new movie show while her husband was sadly immersed into her memories and photographs.

He missed her so much that he fell for another girl who had a face resembling his beloved wife. He was crazy for this girl that he took the toughest decision of marrying again. Even after knowing the hardships of marriage, he was ready to fall into the pit again. His wife was enjoying her life to the fullest until she got to know of his intentions.

This new girl had filled her heart with jealousy and all of a sudden she started missing her husband. Was this love that had revived in her barren heart or was it jealousy that tore her. The fear of losing in a competition where the girl Kusum could prove to be a better life partner than her, made her heart desire something that she had already given up.

On the other side, there was a simple  girl who accepted a divorced old man, fought with her entire family to marry this person, just for the sake of love.     Whose love was true ?

In a real life scenario, who could keep Manu happier? his belligerent wife who was already bored of him or this innocent selfless girl.

The story is trying to depict that love happens once and stays forever. If Tanu loves Manu and vice versa then this situation can never be better. They are made for each other and should never ‘move on’ even if staying together is tough.

Love happens and stays forever, but practically whether it is working out in life is more important. If a relationship is not working, the only way out is to move on. A person can miss good times, a person can miss memories but those memories should give happiness and satisfaction that a good time existed in the past. New memories can be created, while still cherishing the old times.


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