There was a time…..

Today while going to the office, I was browsing the radio channels to tune into some nice music when I heard someone talking about the TV channels that used to come years ago. The antenna had to be physically adjusted to get a clear image on the TV screen. Hearing these words, my mind drifted into the past. A time which was really so different from the present world. We were away from the so-called comforts of the modern world, yet we used to feel so comfortable and secure. Sitting on the terrace and watching the stars , feeling the soft silky breeze and gossiping on random topics with family members , was a comfort which is inexplicable. It was a time when we knew our neighbors so well that we could even list down the names of all their relatives with details of exactly where they were.  Sadly, today we hardly know what our own relatives are doing. The so well connected world is actually so disconnected. At the name of privacy, we hardly share our time with our dear ones.

I cannot remember the last time I saw a clear sky with glittering stars , the stars that can soothe my mind with their peaceful stability, the stars that inspire me to rise and shine yet stay so calm. Even if i so much desire to enjoy this serenity, the view is obstructed by the multistory buildings and blurred by the dusty air.

Playing  in the open fresh air was the best exercise for us. We could run all day in heat and sweat just to enjoy some stupid games and the company of our friends. The definition of exercise now is running on a treadmill all alone and reaching nowhere even after running so much. Occasionally we pass smiles to the people around as a courteous gesture .

During the summer vacation, we used to visit all our relatives one by one. The farther the relatives lived, the happier we were as traveling used to be so much fun. Meeting our cousins was such a charm that we waited impatiently for the vacation to start. Going to grandparent’s place is a memory stored in our mind that we will always cherish. These days vacations are marked by movies, games and some hobby classes to pass time.

There was a time of love and comfort , the comfort exists today also but virtually ……..  Hope someday the virtual translates to real and we feel the need to establish relationships with our dear ones outside the internet network also.


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