If True Love Exists !!! – – a short story

Through the heavily curtained windows, sunlight was maneuvering its path to her room, giving it a light golden glow. With a large mug of coffee in her hands, she got up and reached the window to look outside. It was pleasant and beautiful. The green terrain full of colorful flowers, chirping birds and a light mist gave the view an ethereal feel. This was the life she had always wanted. The pleasant and peaceful view in front of her eyes triggered her to think about some memories that were widely in contrast with all this. Her mind wandered off to a time when she had lived in a far off city. The hassles of a busy city life were not a problem to her. She had entered the city from a small town and hence the tall buildings, the ostentatious eateries, the luxurious lifestyle of people around had given her heart a desire to lead a glossy life .She believed that she had entered a place where all her dreams will come true.
She started from a small job and worked hard to earn a living. She got a good job in a restaurant and her work was to handle the accounts and take customer feedback. She was happy about the kind of work she was doing. The owner of the restaurant was a very handsome guy and his presence was motivating enough to pull her happily to work every day. For her, Mondays were not a burden and she had never experienced a feeling that every working professional in this world shared about Monday mornings. Her life revolved around that one guy named Kevin. Gradually he also started noticing the extra attention she was giving him. He also stated liking her and one day asked her out. From that day onwards, her life changed completely. Her every moment was blissful because in her every moment he was present. When he was far, his thoughts occupied her mind space, so she felt connected to him twenty-four seven. He was a great man and loved her more than anything else. A wish out of her lips would immediately get materialized because he would put great efforts to fulfill all that she desired.
One day she saw a gentleman sitting in the restaurant and he was stealing glances at her. She felt uncomfortable. He kept coming every morning and would sit at a place from where he could see her. The constant staring made her exasperated. She could not tell this to Kevin, as he would create a scene. She decided to stay quiet and one day in the absence of Kevin, approached him to make things straight. She started getting angry on on that guy but he calmly listened. When she had finished speaking, he gave his introduction. He was among the top businessmen in the city and owned many hotels and resorts. He had seen her at a party and was madly in love with her. She listened to him and angrily came back but not spoke a word. Next week he did not show up at the restaurant. She was so used to his glances that now his absence made her uneasy. A week later, he entered the restaurant and his appearance made her feel happy and enthusiastic. She felt bad about her changed feelings. She loved Kevin but this man had made things different. She started finding faults in Kevin and was not much happy in his company.
One day that mystery man came over to her desk and handed over his contact number . From that day onwards, she started finding a reason to go out and meet him secretly. With time, they both were really close and the time had come to unveil her secret to Kevin. She told him that it was not working out with them and they will have to move on. Kevin was surprised with the sudden change, because he had always considered her to be his world. He had done everything humanly possible on this earth to keep her happy. But finally, he had no other option but to let her go. He thought that love lies in the happiness of the person you love, even if it leads to letting your beloved go.
She had become a popular celebrity in town and got her photos published in local newspaper. Being girlfriend of the top business tycoon had certain lavish benefits that she enjoyed. She used to wear high end brands, became interested in fashion and started living a luxurious life that she had always dreamt of. She lived an year or two like that, but then the brightness of this life started waning away. His boyfriend never had enough time for her. All that he could give her was money. She craved for his company. She was tired of flaunting her dresses and bags. She was tired of the ostentatious parties that she once loved. A void started developing in her life – the void that can be filled only by love and care. Money was not a solution to any of her problems now. If she was ill, no one was there to take care of her. If she was sad, no one was there to cheer her up. If she wanted to feel the weather, no one was there to hold her hand and sink in the soothing breeze. She remembered of her days with Kevin, how he used to prepare coffee for her every morning, how he used to do anything to see a cute little smile on her face, how he used to admire her even in her most rubbish attire.
She really missed those days and she really missed a life. She had become blind with the prospects of staying with a rich businessman, so blind that she had hurt her true love. She decided to leave this lifestyle and start over again. Her rich boyfriend was not at all upset with her decision of breakup and was ready to let her go. This surprised her and made her even guiltier. She had once left her Kevin for this man.
She changed the city and started doing a small job. She was so guilty that she could not even go back to Kevin. She decided to spend her life like that, living with the beautiful thoughts of Kevin and enduring the burden of her guilt.
After a few years , she went for a trip to western mountains with her friends. On the way, there was a small, beautiful town. They stopped at a coffee house. It was a good outlet with beautiful ambience and a wide variety of tea and coffee. They had a good time talking and enjoying the view outside. When she went to the counter to pay, her blood froze . She could not believe her eyes and her body refused to make any movement.
It took her a minute to come back to her senses. It was Kevin standing in front of her at the counter. He had left the city and had come to this part of the world. Everything in the old restaurant brought to him memories of his beloved, but she was gone forever. So he had made a decision to go to some place that offers mental peace, and what could be better than living in a serene place like that. He had not married anyone because he could not love anyone else more than her. Her body was infused with life again, when she heard all this. She apologized and told him how she had given up everything she had attained and started living with the memories of Kevin. Kevin was delighted to hear this, and they both decided to live together again. They both were not ready to go back to the city life, and decided to live at that beautiful place forever.
It was all they desired in life – tranquility of mind and the company of their beloved. Materialistic possessions no more allured them as their real treasure was the spark of love and care.

Her mind drifted back from these memories and she realized that it was quite a long time she was standing at the window. She finished her coffee. The view outside was beautiful and her life now finally was more beautiful than the view in front of her – because her life again had Kevin in her each moment.


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